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We CAN do this!

We are all trying to find our way day after day, seeing the beautiful weather,  but most of us not being able to be around our animals, our friends and learning to deal with our "new temporary normal", and I think of how I can personally put my mind to work in the right direction and only one thing comes to mind: horses. 

For any horse person out there I challenge you to go to the time that you have struggled. The horse that you bought that you were so excited about but turned out to be much more of a challenge. The ride that you wanted to have that did not work out all. Did you quit? No, you worked with your trainer and made a new plan. Were you sad, disappointed and frustrated? Yes, but after a few tears, you accepted the challenge and got to work. 

What about that canter lead that you struggled with? The full bridle? The fall that rattled your confidence? That time when you and your trainer were not communicating well? It was hard, wasn’t it? You considered quitting for a minute, didn’t you? You wanted to give in to the negative side of things -I have done it too. Then, with a lot of thought and some tears, you kept going because you love to ride, you love to show, and there is more good to your experience with horses than the setbacks. If we are being honest, those setbacks made you a stronger person and a better rider. Those setbacks created the special relationship you have with your Barn Family, your Instructor, your Trainers and Yourself. You dig deep and find out who you really are. 

So, here we are: frustrated, confused, worried, and out of sorts. We can sit down in dressing  room and have a good cry but then we need to take off our show clothes and head out of the dressing room. We need to have a good attitude because as hard as this feels, we will survive -just like the disappointment that comes with riding and showing horses. We need to lean on our team of friends and trainers, make a plan and move forward. 

We can do this. We have to look forward to where we want to be which is safe and with those we love. We have missed two horse shows, not the whole season. I don’t know the future, but I know we are working hard on horses for the return of horse shows, riding lessons, camps and all things High Caliber. We are not sitting still. We are cleaning, training, brushing and planning for 2020 and our barn family that we so dearly love and miss. Your horses are healthy, the tack is clean, our plans are continuing on knowing that at this moment, it is day to day.

I always say "Ride the horse you have today". This is the horse that we are given right now and there is nothing about this horse that is easy. This horse is all over the place. This horse is not heading out the rail or wearing their bridle very well, but we have to stay on and make the very best of what we have. In the end there will be lessons learned, lots of stories to be told and we will be better. I also say that its the hard rides that are how we learn and what makes us. This is a hard ride -but we CAN do this. 

I love my job. I love the farm and High Caliber Stables. I am so thankful for our riding program and the riders and families that come with it. I love to train horses and there is not greater joy than pairing a horse and a rider together. I love to watch them become the best version of themselves. I love to show horses, live on the road and the highs and lows of showing horses. I won’t take people and relationships for granted. I won’t take Saturday mornings for granted. When I am challenged, busy or tired, I will remember this time of quiet and be thankful for busy but hopefully not allow myself to get so worked up. Life is much simpler than we make it. No, I will never be zen! I am not made that way, but maybe I will take an extra breath, laugh a little more and definitely see all I have. 

Don’t you dare give in. Get on the horse. Endure the challenges and keep making plans but be willing to adjust. We CAN do this. 

Have a great week. 

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