• Mary Orr

Do not take it for granted again

The smiles, the laughter, the preparation, the nerves, the excitement and the joy. I have always loved the statement, "It is not a mistake if you have learned." Today I am here to tell you that this "pause" is not all bad if we don't forget what we have learned. This isnotfor nothing if I have not learned the value of my HCS Team. This not all bad if I don't forget the joy I felt seeing the faces of our Performance Riders for the first time in weeks. Not all is lost if we don't take for granted watching our riders ride their horses again but in so many ways for the first time. This "time" has taught me so much and because of that, I refuse to think about what is lost. I choose to look at what is gained. 

I don't know when or what a horse show will look like, but I do know I will appreciate loading up the horses on the trailer. The nerves I feel will be that of excitement and determination- not stress. I get it now, and I hope as the world opens up I will not forget how much I understand the things I took for granted and the people that Isawbut did not actually see. To survive, we watch every penny we spend. I value the wood, the shavings, the hay and a shoe string. We make a plan before every purchase and we take better care of what we have .  The truth is, I should have always valued things the way I value them now.  Before the lockdown began, I went to dinner and I ate with family and friends without thinking about it. ,I did not look around the table and think how  blessed I was for the food and friendship, it was a given. 

On Saturday after planning, cleaning and preparing when we opened the doors we were nervous but excited. Our staff started at 5am and finished up around 6pm. We worked as a team. We were prepared and it showed with every horse that came out that day. I took in the people, the laughter, the horses, my co workers, the weather and the farm. We were tired but we were so happy to see a little bit of the world that I know I personally took for granted. 

I can tell you who I saw and what we talked about.  I am better because of what has happened. I see things differently and I hope that as life continues I don't go back to my old ways. I hope I continue to value everything more than I used to. I hope that I see what I have not what I don't have and work hard to make the best of every situation.

A time schedule is a beautiful thing but right now that does not really exist. I am learning to work with what is right in front of me. We plan for the future, but know that those plans might change. After the first few life cancellations, I about had a break down but then with the help of Evan, I realized that I could get with it or curl up in a ball. Today, it is one day at a time. We work on good communication so we as a High Caliber Team can work together to understand and adapt to the change. It is not easy but it is ok. We laugh when we can and support each other when one of us has an off day. Yes, we should have always worked together this way. 

I don't like that this has happened, but I am thankful we are moving forward and I am thankful that I have gotten to know myself and others a lot better. I will be better and do better and hopefully take fewer things for granted. 

Have a great week -and slowly but surely we will see you soon!

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