• Mary Orr

Challenge Accepted

We teach our riders that if the horse is hard to ride, do not give up. We tell our riders to not be afraid of change and look for growth as a person and as a rider.  We tell our riders that every horse teaches us something if we just look for the lesson. We tell our riders that in our sport to enjoy the journey and that they can always be better, do more and look for improvement. How many times have we said, "It's not about the ribbon, it's about the ride"?

Well, thisHappeningsis simple and to the point. We are all faced with challenges personally, professionally and in every aspect of life, regardless of your age or occupation. This "new" normal is not going away. I am here to tell you that I accept the Challenge. I am going to practice what I preach as we work towards opening our barn back up. Our High Caliber Team is working together to make the best plan we can make to keep people safe, educated with our policies, implement new procedures and have good communication. 

I look forward to the Challenge. This is different. This is weird. This is life and I refuse to continue to worry or complain. It gets me nowhere and it sets the wrong example to my Team and Barn Family. We do not know the answers and we must continue to be aware and willing to work with the ever changing rules and regulations. But, this does not mean we will not ride our horses ever again. This does not mean there will never be another horse show. This means change and the truth is that is something that happens regardless of COVID-19.

So buckle up, friends and family! We have work to do to adjust to this new normal.Read your endless High Caliber e-mails you will be receiving from our High Caliber Team. Even more important: RESPONDWe need YOUR help to get back to the barn SAFELY and to the horses we all so dearly love

This "new" normal looks different for every family. There will be worries and learning curves but I KNOW we can do it. I am not saying I don't get nervous and worried but I am saying that I refuse to let it run me. We are working hard with our Show Horses and the Farm. We will have Fun Shows, Clinics and Lessons again but I know like the rest of the world we need to transition safely and gradually learning and improving as we get to see each other again. This makes me Happy -not afraid- and determined to keep moving forward to get going. 

The weather is beautiful and we are making plans.We accept this challenge and we look forward to following the guidelines we set any time we ride horses: 1. Be Safe  2. Understand 3. Have Fun.I say this all the time: If you are safe and learning you will have Fun. Different, yes but same concept. Be in touch and hope to see you soon. 

Have A Great Week. 

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