Riding Lessons +

the Academy Program

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At High Caliber Stables, we are guided by the principal that riding not only develops equestrian skills but, more importantly, cultivates responsibility, personal relationships, and the understanding of working toward and realizing goals.

Our riding instructors are excited to bring out the best in your riding!  Whether you are a serious rider with a goal to compete at the national level, or if you are a recreational rider looking to have fun and improve your skills, High Caliber Stables has something just for you.

WHO will teach me?

The majority of our evaluation lessons are taught by our newest member of High Caliber- Abby Peterson! Whether you have ridden before or your will be riding a horse for the very first time, she will evaluate your rider and teach you the skills needed to know what we expect at High Caliber as well as the basics of being on and around horses.  Once it is determined that you are ready for the next step, you will be invited to join a group lesson.

Most of our group lessons are taught by Meredith Ross. Her high level of enthusiasm is infectious among our young riders. Our group lessons vary by ages, skill levels, and goals- some are more directed for our riders interested in showing and others are simply riding for fun! 

Mary Orr teaches all of the Performance Rider Lesson in addition to a select few Academy Show Rider group lessons. To ride in of the Academy Show Rider or Performance groups that Mary teaches, a rider will need to be riding multiple times a week and be approved.

You might also see office manager Christine Thomas or performance coordinator Lauren Blue in the middle of the arena. Both often step in to teach privates, pairs, or groups in the absence of the lesson's normal instructor or in select private lessons.

WHEN are lessons taught?

Our riding lessons are taught mostly taught on Mondays through Thursday. Our Academy riding groups are taught Mondays and Wednesdays with our groups on Tuesdays and Thursdays geared toward our riders just entering into groups or those enjoying their lessons for fun. Our lesson schedule typically starts around 3:00PM going through 7PM in the evening. During the year, lessons might be cancelled or additional riding days added depending on horse shows, events, etc. We do not offer weekend lessons. 

HOW LONG do I ride?

All of our riders start with a 30-minute private lesson. Once the basic riding skills and safety needed, the rider may be moved into a pair or a group. A pair lesson is 2 people and approximately 30 minutes in length and a group lesson is 3 or more people. Group lessons are approximately 45 minutes in length. While we place much of our emphasis on riding the horse, the skills learned in taking care of the horse and equipment are equally important.

HOW do I schedule or cancel? 

All scheduling is done through our lesson cell phone (336) 908-6841 or through our lesson email lessonshcs@gmail.com. All instructors as well as our office manager have access to these contacts.

Cancellations or additional riding spots must be requested by noon the day of to avoid penalty. 


Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled lesson time, in order to keep lessons on time.

Please arrive in the recommended attire (long pants, closed toed, solid shoes). If you arrive to your lesson without the proper clothing, we will not allow you to ride.

All Riders must complete a registration form before they ride. 

Lessons must be cancelled by noon the day of in order to avoid being charged. 

What do I wear to my lessons?

For the first lesson or two, we will instruct you on what to wear:  long pants, socks, closed –toe shoes with a hard sole, and borrow a helmet.  As with any sport, once you make the decision to continue taking lessons on a routine basis, we will recommend you get the proper equipment.  Here is what we recommend, in order of importance.

We recommend zip-front paddock boots. These boots have a heel of ½ inch to 1 inch tall, which keeps the foot from sliding through the stirrup, creating a danger to the rider.  Boots also protect the foot from being crushed when getting stepped on by a horse.  These boots also support the ankle and prevent dirt and shavings from getting in the rider’s shoes.






We recommend the Ovation Deluxe Schooler helmet.  This is an inexpensive but very safe choice of an ASTM/SEI approved headgear.  While this is more important than the correct foot gear, we put it at priority number 2 because we know you can borrow the correctly fitting helmet from us if needed.  Please DO NOT use a bicycle helmet –they are made for falling from a bicycle, not a horse.  

We recommend the Kentucky jodhpurs or Irideon or Kerrits Boot Cut riding pants. In addition, we would like all of our riders to have underpasses or tie-downs to keep the pants straight and from riding up their leg and creating a more comfortable ride and giving a more streamlined look to allow the instructor to see what the rider’s leg is doing.

We REQUIRE gloves when the temperature is below 50 degrees and we prefer our riders to ride with gloves throughout the year.  Gloves that are primarily leather work and fit the best.