• Mary Orr

The Top 10 things High Caliber Animals are Learning from Social Distancing

#10) We really miss our owners coming to ride us.  Mary & Kelly act like there is a horse show next week and the work level is as intense as ever! 

-Performance Horse (prefers to remain anonymous to protect his/her identity)

#9) We miss all of the extra snacks... from the kids, the customer's lunches, heck, even the employees are not sharing! -Mona & Nikki

#8) We double-ordered toilet paper from Costco 6 weeks ago.  Turns out that was one lucky accidental purchase! -the HCS humans

#7) Our people have not been on their phones and computers nearly as much.  Which means more time for all of us!! -all of the horses, dogs, and the cat

#6) Life has gotten much tougher -getting attention is becoming more and more difficult. Maybe I do like all those little people bothering me in the afternoons. -Simon the Cat

#5) Before now, I liked to play "chicken" with the kids that come out to try to catch me to see how long they will run after me... maybe I do want them to catch me now...


#4) We now appreciate the carrots, mints, bananas and Sour Patch kids you bring us.  Our trainers make us follow strict guidelines, which means hay, grain and water and an occasional mint when we do a good job.

- Anonymous  

#3)"We youngsters are learning to become proper equine citizens."

-all the 2 year olds (they insisted on this being a group comment)

#2)  "Lessons or no lessons, I go with the flow! Well...I hope they don’t recognize with a little less work I might not need as much grain. Some people call me chunky...I think of myself as healthy!"  -Lance, the Wonder Horse

#1) "Why is Dad home? Why do we have to wash our hands so much? Why is Mom home earlier? Well, maybe I can ride on the tractor more with Pablo and teach Sissy!"

- E.J. Orr

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