• Mary Orr

Keep Going...

Today we were supposed to be at a horse show. The excitement of show season was upon us. We  had worked hard to be prepared at home and on the road. Our suits were ready, horses clipped and the team prepared for all of the emotions that come with the first show of the season. 

I won't lie, I am very disappointed. Today, as much as I wish our horses and people were headed to  the horse show I am well aware that we have bigger things to focus on. Today, it is important to follow guidelines, wash hands and adapt to a new normal. There will be another horse show. There will be time for us to go back to the way of life I know I took for granted. 

Here is my reminder to myself and everyone reading this: Maybe this be a good time to really look around and value all that we have. Maybe it is not a time be afraid but to truly take a moment to appreciate the Horse Shows we go to and the Concerts we watch. Maybe this is our moment to spend time with our family and friends with less phone usage and more one-on-one conversations. Maybe this is a time to value our relationships that we are all too often too busy to care for. Last but not least, maybe this is the time to truly value what it means to be healthy. I take it all for granted. I think it is owed and will always be there. Today when I came to work I thought about all I have and the people I love and instead of being afraid, I was thankful -concerned -but truly thankful. 

This will change us. This will shape us. I am a better trainer, instructor, boss and mother. When bath time comes I find myself singing with EJ and Ellis a bit more. At the barn I want people to truly understand what I am teaching. I see my High Caliber Team and I try to share with them all the good I see in them and how thankful I am for what they bring to our business and our life. No, I am not running around crying and hugging but I am so much more aware of things that I walked past and took for granted. 

I will be the first to admit I was never that great at washing my hands and I did not pay attention to things that now feel so different and important. Moving forward when I get nervous I try to follow the rules and guidelines to keep us as safe as we can possibly be. Moving forward I will be even more thankful for the movies, going out to eat, and our beloved horse shows. Moving forward I will try to be kind even when others want to chose a different path. Moving forward as much as I wish things were different I am going to try to learn from this and let this be what I always say in theWeekly Happenings, a learning experience. This needs to make us better. This needs to make us learn. This does not need to scare us. It is scary but we have to keep going. We have to keep living. Maybe then we will do what we do best as a society when there are troubled times, we will come together. 

Be safe. Be kind. Be better. Keep Going. 

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