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I Think I Can...

Things are different for everyone everywhere right now, and we are doing our best to keep all of our staff and customers healthy so we can all get back to what we truly love! Even though you are not able to be at High Caliber right now, let us share a little bit about what has been happening here:

CH My Stiletto delivered her first baby last week -a handsome bay colt that has proven to be quite the fighter already! Born weighing only 38 pounds (for perspective, Mona is 55 pounds) he could not initially get up on his own.  Once up, he was very happy to eat and run! Affectionately called "Stewart Little" (his show name will be "I Think I Can") is now home from the vet clinic and has almost doubled his weight in one week!

The yearling babies are growing up and were separated into "The Boys" pasture and "The Girls" pasture. Usually a job for Evan, Pablo and at least one other guy, we are happy to say separating yearlings was accomplished by Mary, Pablo and Kelly.

Kelly was at first pessimistic about Operation Separate the Teenagers but Team MKP got the job done!

The next time you are able to come to High Caliber -in person- pay special attention to all of our storage trailers! Mary and her reluctant partner, Kelly, have been putting their hands on every piece of equipment and tack that is at High Caliber Stables and organizing and cleaning to make sure we are in good shape when we are able to get going again.

Meredith and Mary are very excited about our get back to lesson strategy.  We are working on our plan to invite the people we so dearly miss back to the barn we all so dearly love when it becomes safe to do so!

We are proud of the 72 acres of fence that Pablo and Daniel have taken on.  Our Thursday Clean Up days have been rather intense, but when you all drive in, you will see the product of all of the work! 

Lauren has been spearheading keeping up with all things High Caliber, including our Young School Horses.  She has enjoyed the opportunity to ride more frequently and has mentioned how blessed we are to have the school horses we do.

Christine and Dr. Talbot continue to work with the breeding program.  We have not seen Dr. Talbot but we know when his truck is up top and he is at work. How fortunate for both the people and horses of High Caliber are to have both Dr. Talbot and all of Carolina Equine working with us!

Evan is doing a good job following his post surgical requirements .  He has spent most of his time on the computer doing his best to manage this crazy time and circumstances. 

Abby said that it will not be too early for her to not see another horse shoe, tail set or curb bit!  Needless to say, she is working hard and has now realized what she signed up for when it is said to be a “big barn”.

Ellis and EJ luckily have no clue what is going on. They are happy, healthy and wild! Unfortunately, Mary and Evan see themselves in their children more and more. 

This time has created a team like we have never had.  We are learning to work together on a completely different level asking each other the questions that we don’t always have time to ask… How can we do this better? What would make things more efficient and most importantly, the difference between wants and needs. 

We have also been shown an incredible amount of generosity for us both personally and professionally from lunches, school horses, so many acts of Kindness towards us.  We are truly blessed and plan to pay it forward in any way possible. As much as we miss everyone, we feel the love!

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