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I used to write a lot about EJ. As we compile the limited pictures we have of Ellis's first year, I can't help but laugh. ( Limited is an exaggeration. We STILL have a million but compared to every step of EJ it is significantly less.)  I honestly barely remember Ellis being a baby. I can tell you every day of EJ's life as an infant. I know that we definitely did not sterilize the bottles or anything else that we panicked about with EJ. Honestly, I was tired and trying to survive like every other mother in the world. 

ThisHappeningsis dedicated to Ellis Orr. It is dedicated to the lessons she has taught me and continues to teach me. I hope it makes you laugh and makes you think because if you have been around her she will demand your attention because of her joy or aggressiveness. Yes, she is her mother's daughter. 

Lesson 1.

Wake up happy and if no one comes to get you enjoy your time with your toys. Every day Ellis wakes up happy. She rarely yells for us to come get her which means that if we are late she sits and plays with her toys or her toes or just talks to herself. The day starts out great for her no matter how you look at it. She does not care if I am tired or sad, she expects me to say good morning, get her blanket and her Mona dog that she shoves in my face and to help her get ready for the day. 

Lesson 2.

Belly is good! Ellis Orr has a pot belly. She is short legged and pigeon toed. She is proud of her belly and quite frankly appreciates it if you acknowledge her as Budha Belly. Maybe we should all be proud of who we are and embrace our stubby legs. She struts and I hope she never loses that strut of happiness. We all need to keep that laugh and comfort with who we are in us more!

Lesson 3.

Stand Up For Yourself. For anyone worried about Ellis being a little sister please do not worry. EJ is the one who should worry. Does he knock her down, yes, but he has learned not from discipline from Mom and Dad to be respectful of Little Sis. Ellis jumps up and comes back swinging. She loves her big brother but she will not be pushed around. Both Orr kids have strong personalities (surprise, surprise) but Ellis thinks she has just as much right to play, run and go with EJ. If he does not include her, she includes herself. Man, if we could all think that much of ourselves and take care of business without being upset or worried. Stand up for yourself and move forward. 

Lesson 4.

Joy. Ellis has no idea things are tough. All she knows is that she is learning to talk, run, and wear shoes (to her dismay). She laughs, she pouts, she pretends to do what EJ does- good and bad-and she smiles a lot. She sees the good in life all of the time. I try to freeze frame her happy and even her anger because it is so pure. As we continue to move forward in life with Ellis and EJ and move out the bottle phase to all sippy cups, and baby toys for toddler's for the last time, I think of her joy of the little things and raw emotion -even her anger- and know that as much as I am here to teach her, she and her big brother are teaching me every day. 

So, Wake Up Happy, Embrace Who You Are, Be Proud of Who You and and never forget the Joy life has to offer. Have a great week and know that the Orr Family sends their love -and crazy- your way. 

Have A Great Week. 

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